.......BwI bet sam has eyes
File:(Character Maclockla Rounded-Square).pngFile:4 Banned Commercials!!File:8 year old kid doing awesome breakdancing.
File:A Magic Portal.pngFile:A Person Flying like a birdFile:Adorable Baby Laughing at Paper rippin'
File:Amazing Cheerleading Awsomeness..File:Awsome Rock Tower.pngFile:Bad ass kids in my school
File:Beautyful Probby.pngFile:Beautyful Sacred Sea.pngFile:Button.png
File:Button2.pngFile:Chicken Cat avoids Happy DogFile:Created Icon.ico
File:DSCF0667.jpgFile:Dance Party Colorful Baack Party!.pngFile:Eggman asked Sonic for the jewel and then he breaks it and gets him
File:Eggman is a fat loser.pngFile:Epic Sonic and Evil Sonic attackinFile:Example.jpg
File:Favicon.icoFile:Fist.pngFile:Flying Boat.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:Funny Argument videoFile:Geo.png
File:Girl.pngFile:HE RULES THE 80'S picFile:Happy Welcome to Lance.png
File:How To Make Friends With A Wolf!File:I'm a girl with brown makeup..pngFile:I'm climbing so high.png
File:I'm falling. I jumped off a cliff and I was falling.pngFile:I'm in paaaain.pngFile:I'm playing with my egg, Geo.png
File:I CAN'T DANCE ARGH.pngFile:I am walking.pngFile:I fell and broke a bone.png
File:Jacob.pngFile:Jake forced Lance into a ship and their going for a fatal mishap.pngFile:Justice League (DC Universe) 2012 Trailer HD .
File:Knuckles's MischiefFile:LANCE IS POPULAR!!.pngFile:Lance.png
File:Lance dancing.pngFile:Lance dives!.pngFile:Lance is climbing.png
File:Lance is drowning.pngFile:Lance on an Island.pngFile:Long John Baldry Let The Heartache Begin
File:Madonna - Papa Don't PreachFile:Michael Jackson - BadFile:Monster caught on camera
File:MovieStarPlanet Want You Back (Cher Lloyd)File:Moviestarplanet HungergamesFile:Patrick is fat but he looks better without teeth.png
File:Shadow is tough!.pngFile:Silver gets his ass whoopedFile:Skateboarding Accidents
File:Some girl singing off-key.jacking up the songFile:Sonic & Friends Episode 1File:Sonic & Friends episode
File:Sonic & Friends episode 4File:Sonic BloopersFile:Sonic Oddball Crackups 2
File:Sonic Shorts - Volume 6File:Sonic Shorts - Volume 7File:Sonic Shorts Volume 2
File:Sonic Shorts Volume 3File:Sonic and AmyFile:Spongebob (smile at him, maybe he'll look a little happier).png
File:Stacey Q "Two of Hearts"File:Sunset.pngFile:TA-DA!!! DANCING MICHAEL JACKSON STYLE.png
File:The Biggest cloud ever.pngFile:The SHadow of lance.pngFile:The Video Of The Month!
File:This video is 10 and contains language.File:Tiny Tim - Living In The Sunlight Loving In The MoonlightFile:Tiny Tim - Living In the Sunlight
File:Underwater.pngFile:What lance would look like in real life.pngFile:Whitney Houston - So Emotional
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